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Copenhagen Economics, Economists without Borders and Impactly have joined forces to solve the challenge of quantifying the economic impact of loneliness.

Copenhagen Economics are experts in applied economics, providing hard facts and clear stories that support society in making more informed decisions. Economists Without Borders has expertise in valuing social work and calculating the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of social investments. Finally, Impactly's team, which supports the daily data collection and impact reporting of social initiatives, has developed a user-friendly tool that makes it easier to calculate the socio-economic impact of social interventions.

Together, we are committed to delivering a user-friendly and effective tool for calculating the costs and benefits of loneliness interventions in Denmark.


Copenhagen Economics

Copenhagen Economics is an expert-driven consulting company built on a deep knowledge of applied economics and one of the leading economics firms in Europe.

We believe that sound economic analysis can equip decision-makers with the Hard Facts and Clear Stories to make better choices for the benefit of society, and we are committed to delivering compelling and pragmatic economic solutions with a creative and candid approach.
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Economists Without Borders

The core area of expertise for Economists Without Borders is the valuation of social work, including the calculation of social return on investment.

The calculation of the "social bottom line" has been in high demand among our clients - both in the context of fundraising applications, but also in the development and definition of strategic KPIs, theories of change and assessing, learning about and adapting their interventions and thus social impact.
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Impactly is a team of passionate, driven people who are passionate about making a difference. We have technological, analytical and impact skills and love working together to solve complex social challenges.

Impactly has developed a system that supports social action data collection and impact reporting, making it easier to calculate the socio-economic impact of social interventions.
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