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With Loneliness in Numbers, you can calculate the socio-economic benefits of your loneliness intervention.
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What is Ensomhed i Tal?

Loneliness in Numbers is Copenhagen Economics, Economists without Borders and Impactly's contribution to combating the massive burden of loneliness in Denmark. Ensomhed i Tal includes a tool that calculates the socio-economic consequences of interventions against loneliness in Denmark.

Loneliness has costs for the economy. Research has shown that there are significant socio-economic gains from reducing loneliness, such as improved quality of life and lower healthcare costs. However, it can be difficult to quantify these benefits, which can make it challenging to evaluate the impact of the intervention and thus limit the ability to raise funds.

Loneliness in Numbers is our contribution to combating loneliness and its impact on citizens and society. We take responsibility for providing accurate information and are dedicated to offering a platform that enables organizations, governments and civil society to make informed decisions.

You can explore our calculator right away, or take a moment to read more about how it's built in the about tool.

The partners behind Ensomhed i Tal

Copenhagen Economics, Economists without Borders and Impactly have joined forces to solve the challenge of calculating the economic impact of loneliness.

CopenhagenEconomics are experts in applied economics, providing hard facts and clear stories that support society in making more informed decisions.

EconomistsWithout Borders has expertise in valuing social work and calculating the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of social investments.

‍Impactly supports social initiatives' data collection and impact reporting on a daily basis, and has developed the digital tool that makes it easier to calculate the socio-economic impact of social interventions targeting loneliness.

Together, we are committed to delivering a user-friendly and efficient tool for calculating the costs and benefits of loneliness interventions in Denmark.
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